“Turn It Up” Out Now!

The video is out and we couldn’t be happier to have survived the experience of being elderly men without tinkling our pants… Watch it here!!!

New Bonnie Rash Track “Sweat” (FOR FREE!!)

Just bc we figured “WHY THE F NOT?” We decided to release a little sneak peak of the type of tunes you can expect off of “a/s/l” and a new…

Behind The Rash Ep 3: Sam & Ted’s NYC Adventure

As you may know we were in NYC supporting Visto for the Loud Music Tour and as you definitely know we brought our camera and filmed all the mayhem for…

HATFestDC With Hippie Life Krew and Will Rap 4 Food

Thanks to our friends at Will Rap 4 Food Inc we will be showcasing some of our songs with the rest of the Hippie Life Krew on August 3rd at…


As you may know our next EP is coming out in August, but what you may not know is that it is titled a/s/l If you didn’t have AIM you…

Behind The Rash Ep 1 & 2

In case you haven’t been obsessively keeping up with our social networks here’s a little update on what you’ve missed…  In video form… To see all the other behind the…


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